Sunday, July 12, 2009

Used Prose Poem II

Friend's Wife

I will undo you. I will do it single handed like I might a button on a collar. And I will watch you as you, like a collar, spread apart. And I will hear your breath’s soft whistle as you pull the air inside you. And I will know your eyes are closed. And we will.

Afterwards, because we swore we wouldn’t, your expletives will sting like hornets. And again we will swear we won’t again.

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trailertrashdeluxe@wordpress said...

Assuming this is yours? This is an excellent prose poem. I found your slice-of-Meridian-life blog by Googling Chris Ethridge after seeing that (whoever runs the Gram Parsons facebook page) someone posted that Chris was not doing well. He co-wrote some excellent songs with Gram. I will come back to visit your tales of Mississippi and would like to see more of your writing and your book reports and music flashbacks also.