Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Guess Who?

Hartley Peavey,
founder of Peavey Electronics Corporation

Hartley often doodled iterations of his now-famous logo during high school.

It's difficult for me to think of Meridian today without thinking of Peavey Electronics.

A Recent Interview with Hartley Be sure to check out the comments.

In Business Week Magazine below:

Peavey Electronics Corporation


Peavey Electronics Corporation manufactures musical instruments and professional sound equipment internationally. It offers amplifiers and instruments, such as acoustic amplifiers, acoustic guitars, bass amplifiers and cabs, bass guitars, drums, guitar amplifiers and cabs, electric guitars, keyboard amps, steel guitar amplifiers, and damage control products; and professional audio products, such as microphones, mixers, power amplifiers, speakers, products for DJs, and audio performer packs. Its products are used by musicians. The company's audio installations are found in parliament houses of New Zealand, Russia, and Germany; opera house in Australia; theme parks; and NFL stadiums in North America. Its audio technology is used by audio, communications, and integrated media industries. Peavey distributes its products through dealers and store locations. The company was founded in 1965 and is headquartered in Meridian, Mississippi.

Company Headquarters Address:
5022 Hartley Peavey Drive
Meridian, MS 39305

Hartley, in my opinion, Meridian owes you a huge debt of gratitude for, not only providing great employment opportunities, but also for your civic generosity. You have truly made a difference.

Friday, June 18, 2010

An Old Den of Iniquity - The White Castle

Click on for a bigger picture.

Located where Grand Avenue ran into Highway 45 South just before getting to the Three Mile Inn (remember it?). The White Castle was among the many fabled honky tonks in and around when we were growing up in Meridian.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Favorite Pat Conroy Quote

From the Dead Mule School of Southern Literature.

“My mother, Southern to the bone, once told me, "All Southern literature can be summed up in these words: 'On the night the hogs ate Willie, Mama died when she heard what Daddy did to sister”

Monday, June 14, 2010

Former Classmate's Donated Art

Our MHS Class of '58 artist in both paint and sculpture, Martha Ann Hopkins, neé Markline, recently presented her sculpture, "A Wheel for Lilith" to Gadsden, Alabama's Mary G. Hardin Center for Cultural Arts. Details of her gift are below.

Lilith is a large sculpture: 7' x 5' x 7', and is composed of found objects from the junk yard and cast bronze and cast iron.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Class of '58, 40th Reunion (1998)

I found this while cleaning out some old business file cabinets. Its envelope had not been opened. Although I always sent my money, I never attended a reunion until the 50th. I always got a booklet and, for the 40th, a group photo. I guess I tucked this away and I forgot about it. Lots of men with glasses. Lots of women with contacts. Vanity? Plus de choses changent, plus le séjour de choses les mêmes. Click on the picture for a closer look. Enjoy

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Meridian and Royal Drive-Ins – R.I.P.

At their peak, which most experts agree was in 1958, there were almost 5000 drive-ins. Today, there are only 372 drive-in theatres still open in the US.

To capture the memories of drive-ins, I think we need a little Bob Seger music, don't you?