Thursday, July 9, 2009

Old U.S. Highway 80 West

From Meridian westward paralleling existing U.S. 80 and Interstate 20 is a pre-1960 section of old U.S. 80. The highway is split into three portions, with one abandoned and two designated as old U.S. 80.

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Old Section: The easternmost section of this highway is designated at "OLD U.S. Hwy 80." The highway is still open to traffic and is home to homes and businesses in west Meridian. This photo shows a narrow substandard railroad overpass along the route.

Carefree Highway - Gordon Lightfoot

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Beth Hobgood Clark said...

I had been to the Fish Camp in Chunky to meet my daughter and son-in-law for dinner one evening and returned home on this road. It looks a lot nicer now as the road has been repaved and cleaned up a little in the area.