Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another Meridianite – Actress, Sela Ward

A Recent Article about Sela Ward


Sela Ward was born July 11, 1956, in Meridian, Mississippi. The oldest of 4 children -- with a sister and 2 brothers -- Sela (pronounced See-lah, it's an abbreviated form of Hallelujah) is the daughter of an electrical engineer and a homemaker. Her childhood was nothing short of ordinary for a beautiful girl growing up in the South. While a student at the University of Alabama, where Sela Ward studied art and advertising, Sela was also a cheerleader for the football team, a sorority sister, and was elected homecoming queen. With her Bachelor of Fine Arts, Sela Ward headed to New York to pursue a career in advertising, but after the striking, statuesque brunette was encouraged to become a model, she decided to try her hand at modeling. Now on the other side of the advertising spectrum as a Wilhelmina Model, Sela appeared in television commercials, for products such as Pepsi and Maybelline. After gaining experience in more than 20 commercials, Sela dropped advertising and moved to Los Angeles to become an actress -- and lengthen her screen time.

In 2003, Sela Ward's book, Homesick: A Memoir detailed much of her growing up in Meridian.

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