Sunday, January 31, 2010

Union Station

The Meridian Terminal Company, composed of officers from the Mobile & Ohio, the Southern, the Alabama & Vicksburg, and the New Orleans and Northeastern Railroad lines, was formed to build a new passenger depot. The new depot and railway express agency were completed in August 1906 at a cost of $250,000 and constructed in Mission Revival Style architecture. The original depot construction included a central tower, which was demolished in the late 1940s. Further demolition to Union Station occurred in 1966 when all but the eastern wing of the remaining passenger depot was removed.

Union Station Today:



In operation for only a short time, Union Station has had a profound impact on the community in numerous ways.
The number of passengers on Amtrak trains, Greyhound buses, and Meridian Transit System buses averages 242,360 per year.
Address:1901 Front Street
Meridian, MS

The station has already encouraged more than $8 million in private investment in the Depot District, including office space, retail shops, a data processing/computer training center , upper-story apartments on the west side of Front Street, two hotels - the Terminal Hotel and the Union Hotel, the newly renovated Rosenbaum condominiums, two restaurants, and vital records storage buildings.

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Martha Markline Hopkins said...

My dad Hugh Markline worked many years for the Railway Express Agency before and after the war. Once in a while he'd drive his delivery truck home for lunch. I have a photo of me sitting in the truck with him