Friday, August 21, 2009

Art by Martha Ann Hopkins, neé Markline

Our classmate, Martha Ann, has recently created a blog comprised of her art. I like her work, but asking me to review art is like asking a fish to ride a bicycle, so I'll let Martha Ann speak for herself:

I earned a BFA in Sculpture at the University of Alabama in 2004. I started painting seriously in 2004, and my concerns in painting are the same as they were in sculpture. I start with a minimal look, and then tweak it to provide expression. Rothko and Anish Kapoor have influenced my work. I am using color as expression. Many of my canvases are 3D; I like to respond to an actual shape (other than a flat canvas) with paint.

"Displaced Target" (Acrylic on Shaped Canvas)

"Concert in an Egg" (Unglazed Porcelain)

Visit Martha Ann's Blog by clicking on this link. I think you'll be impressed by her talent(s).

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