Thursday, January 12, 2012

Nelva Court & Restaurant

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Above Nelva photos attribution:
Ginger Brook


Used with permission."

There is little or no information about many of our old places. The Meridian Star is provides very little help. I had to dig to pick up these diary entries from a dead lady.

This diary is now the property of Ohio State University.



(1939-1989) 345 pages. This is from Volume IV
JANUARY 1,1967 to DECEMBER 31,1975

Page 14

THURSDAY, MARCH 23,1967 Left motel (after breakfast there) at ten 'till seven. Weather like summer, redbuds in bloom. Ate lunch roadside table. I drove 55 miles. Country not very interesting. Drove to Meridan, Mississippi. Stayed at Nelva Hotel, where we stayed last November. $8.50 after Charles told her what AAA listed. She had charged us $9.00. Had dinner at Nelva Restaurant. $1.60.

Page 77

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 1968 Beautiful day. We had breakfast at Ackleys. Margaret packed us a lunch. Left at ten of eight. Got mixed up and drove about 10 miles out of our way. Bought rolls at Birmingham and ate lunch in the parking lot there. I drove 43 miles. Got to Meridian. Motel, Nelva at 4:30. $9.00 and tax. Had been warm driving but heater in motel felt good. Had a good chicken dinner at the Nelva Restaurant! $1.50. $2.36 total.

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