Thursday, June 4, 2009

Clarkco State Park

Hat tip to Carl "Dough" Watson (one of the Bonita Boys) who suggested posting this place from "back then".

Located just south of Meridian near the Mississippi-Alabama state line, Clarkco State Park has been a favorite Mississippi recreation spot since 1938. Its 65 acre lake is situated on 815 acres of gently rolling woodlands, Clarkco State Park offers camping, cabin rentals, and water sports in a convenient yet unspoiled location, providing the perfect retreat for an afternoon or weekend getaway.

It's hard to find out much about this place, but I found an anonymous review coupled with a remembrance on a travel site.

"My summers at Clarko were spent like most kids spent their summers back then. We would spend our days swimming, walking in the woods, playing with the other kids at the campground, catching frogs, and just hanging out having fun. And things haven't changed much at Clarko in 54 years. The biggest attraction is still the lake. There is a swimming area with a lifeguard, plus plenty of non-swimming areas to just wade and chase tadpoles. Paddle boats are available for rental, and they always make for a day of fun. Fishing is allowed... and seems pretty good from the others I have watched."

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Martha Markline Hopkins said...

My family rented a rustic cabin here when I was a girl many years ago. We rowed across the lake to get to it. I remember that we had a lot of family fun - and that the silverware had rust on it!!! Compared to today's standards, that was really roughing it.