Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chuck Berry's Meridian Visit. (updated)

Photo courtesy of Charles (Buddy) Broome.
TKO Leadout: 1959

Hail, Hail, Rock and Roll !!!
I would anxiously await his every release. Chuck was Rock and Roll to many of us. Lee Arthur Rhodes, a disc jockey from WQIC — " th' Black spot on yo' dial" — would come by and load that Student Activities building jukebox with Chuck Berry's latest and it would play almost non-stop for days.

Chuck Berry provided his teenage fans with an outlet to express the feelings and desires that 1950's society taught them they were not supposed to have.

Want some more? I do!

Roll Over Beethoven


History courtesy of Charles (Buddy) Broome:

John Harvey, Fred Ross and I signed Chuck at
Fred Ross's mobile home on Hwy 80 in Jackson.
Chuck was very polite and looking sharp in his
silk suit and bebop cap. He drank a beer with us
and didn't seem at all troubled about doing
business with juveniles. (I believe John was 18,
Fred was 17, and I was 16.)

My last image of Chuck was someone leading
him out a side door at the Key Field Officer's
Club to hide him after the problem arose

Ross had proudly assumed the mantle
of Chuck's roadie; drove him to the
Country Club for intermission, and
when they of course told him that
people of the Negro race were not
admitted socially, cut a deal for
Chuck to pay his way by performing
a couple of songs there. Then, during
a break in the latter stages of the
dance, he responded to Chuck's
request for a little female company
by recruiting the girl to visit the break
room. What happened there we may
well imagine, but she left distraught,
and probably told her friends
straightaway. Police officers escorted
Berry out of the parking lot and straight
to the jailhouse where they fined him
for disturbing the peace. A couple of days
later, a police car took the Prince and I
to the County Attorney's office for
depositions. We of course knew nothing.

There were a lot of "good ol' days".
And, there were also a few "bad ol' days".

I think I remember the girl. I'm sure some of you do, too. If you do, keep it to yourself. Going on Medicare automatically absolves us of all our youthful impulsiveness.

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