Friday, April 15, 2016


Meridian Memorabilia

Collage Attribution: Kim Fortenberry

MHS Class of '58, 40th Reunion

From there — to — here was quite a trip.

If you really want an in depth examination of Meridian and her notables, go here! I use this well - researched blog frequently, looking to find out about interesting cities and towns throughout the South. It's long, but excellent.
I will still maintain the blog, Past, Present, Future, but I've returned it to its wider net. More of a magazine — as some international viewers have termed it. I invite you to look there too, of course.
Past, Present, Future

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Anonymous said...

Hey, it's not 2015 yet. I am interested in Meridian because I keep trying and trying to find my husbands family tree. Williams family, Newton, Lauderdale, Meridian. Maybe you went to school with a Williams? I really enjoyed your picture of the Stuckey Bridge over the Chunky River. Thanks

if you care to enlighten me on any William's, it is I have hit the brick wall and it isn't budging