Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Meridian History -Early 20th Century.

Cooper Postcard Collection

Forrest Lamar Cooper, a former Senior Customer Service Agent with Delta Air Lines, sold approximately 4600 color and black-and-white postcards from his personal collection to the Mississippi Department of Archives and History on November 13, 1991.  The cards span the years 1892 to 1927.

The MDAH reformatting staff is scanning the cards in the roughly geographical order into which Cooper arranged them. New images of cards will be added to the site as they are completed, until the entire collection is available online.

This remarkable collection includes the devastating tornado of 1906. The extent of the destruction is documented in the latter part of the collection. Perhaps current Meridian residents already know of this wonderful record. No matter, it is a delightful find... for me anyway. Enjoy the 75 , or so, pictures.

Click thru these puppies:

If this is as impressive to the viewing audience as it is to me, y'all owe me "big time."

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Jennifer said...

woooooow. Those postcards were amazing! I can't believe I haven't seen those before! When I saw the one with the interior of the Meridian Hotel I got really excited.